Gunpla,  High Grade

HGBF Try Burning Gundam


For the Build Fighters series, it was kind of slippery trying to choose the proper lead Gundams to represent in the All Gundam Project. Ironically I’m starting with Try instead of the original Build Fighters, but at the beginning I was legitimately torn between choosing the Build Burning or the Try Burning.

The original Build Burning was just so iconic when it was introduced (still holds one of the most badass debut scenes for any Gundam in my mind) that I nearly got it instead, but by the end of Try Fighters it’s really no secret that the big hero machine is the Try Burning. It also felt wrong to get both since they’re so subtly different, and I’m simply not rich enough for that.


Try Burning’s design didn’t leave much to be desired – the build quality is centered around being highly movable so the parts breakup is pretty good – very minimal seams too.


The only bit that I wish Bandai had remedied was the hollow gaps in all the hand covers.


They glow blue/orange in the series as per the rest of the suit’s clear parts; not a difficult fix, just needed to create some inserts from the clear runner leftovers.

p1190929On impulse, I decided to also paint the clear blue and orange effect parts included with the kit by using the leftovers of my Pearl White spray, giving it a bit of a white glittery look while keeping (most) of the original piece’s transparency. At first I was underwhelmed from the results, but after applying some gloss coats over the parts it began to grow on me. Technically it’s more anime accurate, right?


Easy build, minimum extra painting required. Only parts that really needed it were the gray bits on top of the feet, and even then stickers were included.

Burning’s articulation should be no surprise by now – the extra armor added on the Try over the original Burning makes little to no difference in movement, though I do like that it fleshed out the original Build Burning’s almost scrawny design.


Assorted knuckles of justice collection, because weapons like swords and guns are for losers who don’t study the Jigen Haoh School and sense their opponents through their fists.

The same runner of flame effect parts originally included with the original Build Burning is also included here – two punching effects, one kicking, and some flame sprouts for the backpack.

p1200017But what the original Build Burning only wishes it could do – flame on!


Driving the burning motif into the ground and straight out the other side. All of these parts came in clear orange, though I misted them with a light coat of pearl white to get a bit of a frosted glittery effect – the flames are technically made out of plavsky particles after all.

There’s a lot of armor to change out to get Try Burning’s flame on, and it isn’t an easy process when sometimes the clear blue pieces and white armor come off separately instead of one unit – it ends up being a lot to keep track of.

As cool as all the fire is though, this form actually hinders movement just a bit, namely at the shoulders it gets a bit awkward with the giant orange sprouts coming out between the head and arms.


While visually nearly indistinct from the original Build Burning in its normal form, the Try Burning steps into its true Lead Gundam role and fills the shoes left by the likes of the Star Build Strike most completely with all its flame effects in place. Ironically while those effect parts set it apart, I also personally think it clutters the suit a bit too much – there’s too much orange blending in with the suit’s original red to keep it looking balanced.

As the kit build goes though, this iteration of the Burning Gundam is probably the most accurate straight out of the box, even besting some newer HGUC releases in areas such as playability and sturdiness, as long as you don’t mind posing with your kicks and punches.

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