Tamiya Nissan Fairlady 300zx Turbo


I was never particularly enamored with the 300zx – around here in Southern California they’re fairly rare and I know some people consider them legends on the level of the Supra and NSX. The car’s somewhat strange wedge-nosed front end never did it any favors in my eyes, but I have to concede it’s no slouch of a sports car when you look at its stats. That all being said, I only picked it up here because this particular kit from Tamiya is super old, and thus is pretty simple and retails inexpensively. Continue reading

Operation Qan[T]: Part 6

I’m a bit late on this one – keen observers will note that this build log is very long delayed. This post will cover the very last day of our Quanta cosplay build, but because we only finished at 7am the morning of Day 1 of Anime Expo, I couldn’t get around to writing this up until now. Nevertheless, I’m not about to omit some of the most crucial parts of the build, so here we have it – the complete chronicle will be wrapped up here, all the way up to the twelfth hour before the Expo begins.

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Anime Expo 2017: Day 2

I’ve had a grand total of about six hours of sleep since the night before Day One. It feels like the Expo has lasted years at this point, especially since we got to the convention today before the sun even had a chance to poke through the clouds.

Day 2 was long but satisfyingly productive. I can barely function by the end of it, but we got an entertaining Gunpla panel, a successful run with the armor, a cool world premiere anime screening, a live performance, and nothing but good ‘con vibes.

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