• Scale Cars

    Tamiya Mazda MX-5 Roadster (Miata ND)

    The world’s favorite little roadster – Mazda’s renowned MX-5 – was lucky enough to get a model kit release from Tamiya in its latest generation (where’s my 2015 WRX STi, Tamiya?). Starting life in model year 2016, the latest in the Miata lineage retains the usual goofy grin and naturally aspirated four banger motor.

  • Figma,  Video Games

    Figma Link Twilight Princess Ver. (DX Edition)

      I had counted myself out of the Figma game a while ago – I sold off nearly every single one I used to own, and told myself that it would be more worthwhile focusing on other collections in the meantime. But then Max Factory pulled a fast one by announcing multiple new Nintendo Figmas, most notably showing off that…

  • Scale Cars

    Aoshima GReddy & Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86

    The Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ took the sports car world by storm back in 2013 during their introduction because they went back to sports car roots – lightweight and rear wheel drive with a particular emphasis on having fun during the drive. While nearly universally praised for its handling prowess, its critics haven’t backed down about pointing out its very…

  • Gunpla

    1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Bael

    A bit of a ball out of left field – normally when I post random 1/100 kits like these it’s because they’re not my kits. I’m very stringent about maintaining a consistent collection – I can’t buy one kit out of a series without getting the entire lineup (which is probably bad practice – better to get what you want…