OC Auto Show 2017

This isn’t something I’d normally do – we’ve covered plenty of Gunpla and otaku-centric events around here, but I’ve made a point of abstaining from writing much on car meets and shows. I figured it was finally time to break that ice now though, since I build more car models nowadays than I do Gunpla.

The OC Auto Show is an annual event held at the Anaheim Convention Center, located in (you guessed it) OC (Orange County). I’d been to this show last year, but only this year did I actually come prepared with more knowledge of the industry and a camera better than an iPhone to take photos.

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Figma Zero Suit Samus

I consider myself a pretty hardcore Metroid fan – I’ll defend the series to my grave and praise Other M’s story even as it hurts my soul to do so. Despite all that, I actually only really have an affinity for Samus’ armored forms – all her Zero Suit incarnations were whatever to me. Skin-tight blue bodysuits are sexy and all, but the sexy quota doesn’t quite outweigh the cool factor of Badass Power Armor.

For that reason I never really paid much mind to this Figma Zero Suit release when it came out at around the same time as Samus’ armored form way back in the day. It’s not a Figma that I would mind having in the collection, but also not something I’d be willing to drop MSRP for. Good thing there are friendly folks at Anime Expo who are willing to discount.

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Fujimi Honda Integra Type R DC5 (Acura RSX)

P1250061Before I get put on blast and hosed by all the JDM purist fanatics out there…yes I know this isn’t actually an Acura, or an RSX, it’s 100% purebred Integra Type R, but the name is in the title to help associate those who aren’t as familiar with overseas model trims. I would’ve preferred an actual Acura RSX as a kit since it’s what I’m most familiar with here in the states, but alas the only model of the DC5 we’ve ever gotten is this exclusive JDM RHD car.

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Figma Zelda Twilight Princess Ver.

Despite being the title character for one of gaming’s most iconic and beloved franchises, I never had much care for Zelda. Sure, of course I’d care enough about her to go after her in every game and save her from Ganon’s dirty mitts, but as a figure I don’t consider her iconic enough to serve as a must-have in the collection.

But I still picked this new Figma release up at Anime Expo this year – why? Picking up figures just because they make good companion pieces is an unhealthy practice, but it’s still a way of life for me anyway. In this case, Twilight Princess Zelda looks good next to Twilight Princess Link, even though I would never own Zelda on her own.

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