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    OC Auto Show 2017

    This isn’t something I’d normally do – we’ve covered plenty of Gunpla and otaku-centric events around here, but I’ve made a point of abstaining from writing much on car meets and shows. I figured it was finally time to break that ice now though, since I build more car models nowadays than I do Gunpla. The OC Auto Show is…

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    Tamiya Eunos (Mazda) Roadster MX-5 (Miata NA)

    My second Miata now – though I guess this isn’t really a Mazda or a Miata – officially it’s a Eunos Roadster. But really, it’s an MX-5. I’ve already built the latest and greatest ND, so now I figure it was good time to revisit the best-selling sportscar’s roots – the original happy little NA.

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    Figma Zero Suit Samus

      I consider myself a pretty hardcore Metroid fan – I’ll defend the series to my grave and praise Other M’s story even as it hurts my soul to do so. Despite all that, I actually only really have an affinity for Samus’ armored forms – all her Zero Suit incarnations were whatever to me. Skin-tight blue bodysuits are sexy…

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    Fujimi Honda Integra Type R DC5 (Acura RSX)

    Before I get put on blast and hosed by all the JDM purist fanatics out there…yes I know this isn’t actually an Acura, or an RSX, it’s 100% purebred Integra Type R, but the name is in the title to help associate those who aren’t as familiar with overseas model trims. I would’ve preferred an actual Acura RSX as a…

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    Figma Zelda Twilight Princess Ver.

      Despite being the title character for one of gaming’s most iconic and beloved franchises, I never had much care for Zelda. Sure, of course I’d care enough about her to go after her in every game and save her from Ganon’s dirty mitts, but as a figure I don’t consider her iconic enough to serve as a must-have in…