Aoshima GReddy & Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86

The Toyota 86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ took the sports car world by storm back in 2013 during their introduction because they went back to sports car roots – lightweight and rear wheel drive with a particular emphasis on having fun during the drive. While nearly universally praised for its handling prowess, its critics haven’t backed down about pointing out its very glaring lack of power from the factory, even after four model years.

That’s when the community screams back that the car was meant to be a blank slate from factory – something that you were meant to make fast and look cool – asking for the complete package off the assembly line is just being lazy and unimaginative, right? That’s why I couldn’t bear to just build a plain ‘ol stock FR-S or 86. To be sure, the stock car has its charm, but I thought it would be fitting to go with a version of the car that’s been all the rage on the scene – in a sea of these cars, a surefire way to stand out is with a widebody. But not just any widebody – is it Rocket Bunny?

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