• Figma,  Video Games

    Figma Samus Aran (SSB4 Light Suit Custom)

      I believe this is the first of its kind ever attempted – Figma Samus Aran, of which I’ve already reviewed once before – painted in her Light Suit palette swap from Super Smash Bros. 4. I’ll say right now that this project started out as a bit of a fit of insanity – I preordered Smash months before its…

  • Animu,  Figma

    Figma Mato Kuroi

      Another Figma that isn’t actually mine, also from the Black Rock Shooter series to boot! Another friend of mine had bought this online whilst it was on sale; I merely borrowed it for a quick photoshoot and subsequently this review. I’ve seen the school girl versions of the Black Rock Shooter characters around, but they never really appealed to…

  • Animu,  Figma

    Figma Black Gold Saw

      I’ve never really been partial to the Black Rock Shooter Figma line-up, mostly because there’s a lot more BRS merch out there in higher quality. The Figma’s are in no way bad or low in quality, but I’d personally prefer a Good Smile Company statuette over an average figurine. Now, this isn’t actually my Figma. My good friend purchased…

  • Accel World,  Animu,  Figma

    Figma Scarlet Rain

      Another Accel World Figma action figure, this time of the second Red King, Scarlet Rain. To tell the truth, I wasn’t originally gonna pick up this one when it was announced, but I wanted to keep the Accel World Figma collection going. She seemed like a great addition to Silver Crow and Black Lotus, and I was already supremely…

  • Accel World,  Animu,  Figma

    Figma Black Lotus

      Accel World’s lead female protagonist/senpai was released in her Duel Avatar form alongside her partner, Silver Crow. It was a breath of relief to see the gorgeous promo pictures of the Figma online; before this, Accel World fanboys had only the Figure-rise model kit to sate their Black Lotus desires.