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    Anime Expo 2017: Day 1

    Day one was an adventure – moreso than most other day ones. Admittedly we didn’t do much at all; a test run of the suit and one panel was just about all we had the energy for, given that we literally didn’t finish the suit until 7am the morning of the Expo.

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    Operation Qan[T]: Part 5

    Home stretch – just under 48 hours remain before the big day. Unfortunately due to scheduling circumstances as of this post we really only have one work day left – the Friday before the Expo. I can’t remember if we’ve ever actually gotten stressed in the past during the final few days of the build or if we always just…

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    Operation Qan[T]: Part 4

    It hits us a little harder and we go a little crazier every time someone mentions, “Anime Expo is at the end of this week!” It’s rather ironic then, that we laugh it off when people ask how many months it took us to build the suit. Three weeks is a rush, but I can’t imagine how unbelievably stagnant and…

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    Operation Qan[T]: Part 3

    We’ve (nearly) become complete Gundam. About a week’s fruitful efforts have yielded something that looks vaguely like a 00 Qan[T] Gundam. You probably didn’t recognize us because of the red arm lack of shield though.

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    Metal Build Exia Gundam

    I’ve never really had a thing for the Metal Build line…I used to always see the releases, Freedom, 00, etc. on news sites but immediately dismissed them. It seemed like such a small line, didn’t have any particularly defining or impressive features, and I wasn’t drawn or interested in any of the suits getting the treatment. But then, Robo Toy…