• Masterpieces,  Transformers

    MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock (2014 TRU Release)

    I never really cared for or liked Grimlock’s character much (fanboys jump me now). The Dinobots in general just never really appealed to me; I’ve always preferred the vehicular Autobot cast. That being said, I never really had any intention of picking up a Masterpiece Grimlock, even if I was going for a mold-completion collection. However, by some crazy stroke…

  • Life

    Robo Toy Fest – December 2014

    Yet another experience at the usual invincible robot toy show this winter, right before Christmas rolls around. This would be my fourth time stopping by, having come non-stop for the past two years now. I’ll admit it loses its luster a bit with each visit, but there’s no doubt that we snagged the best deals this time around.

  • Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2014: Day 4

    The final day. Anime Expo 2014 is just about done, we’ve waited a year for this since last July and now it’s about to pass. The last day is always a half day; the Exhibit Hall closes at 3PM and the attendance dwindles a bit, along with the amount of panels and exhibits. As surreal as the experience has been,…

  • Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2014: Day 3

    Day 3 – probably the most eventful and entertaining day yet. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 screens today, so it’s finally time for our armor to live up to its purpose. Given that it is a three-hour panel, we won’t be doing much else other than the usual Exhibit Hall and cosplay oogling.

  • Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2014: Day 2

    Our second rodeo at AX this year, something I looked forward to gladly because we didn’t have a soul-crushing line to wait through today. Given that we’ll be attending all four days this year, it’s refreshing to think that we still have two more days, no need to rush things.