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Anime Expo 2014: Day 2


Our second rodeo at AX this year, something I looked forward to gladly because we didn’t have a soul-crushing line to wait through today. Given that we’ll be attending all four days this year, it’s refreshing to think that we still have two more days, no need to rush things.


Seems like there are even more people here today than yesterday – something that made me sad was that when we passed the massive badge pick-up line outside, the AX guys had erected big ‘ol tents over the line for shade. That would’ve been helpful yesterday…


As per usual procedure, suiting up my comrade first. The armor did go through some pretty tough wear and tear after yesterday’s endeavor, and we almost weren’t going to bring it today, but my partner was confident that it could hold up through all three days. Some emergency repairs were made whilst at home over the night, but unfortunately the helmet was beyond saving.


Zero, overlooking the peasants below, planning world conquest.


Screwing around a bit while checking the event schedule for today.


Like yesterday, we don’t have any panels or exhibits that we particularly want to check out (waiting on tomorrow for that) so we proceeded directly to the Exhibit Hall after my comrade was suited up. Our time was cut short yesterday after all.

Taking a look at some of the cool miscellaneous stuff on display. Special mention goes to that War Machine Mk.II shown above; that thing was massive (1/4 scale I believe) and makes the Hot Toys figure look like…well, a hot toy.

Half-naked anime girl statues for you~

My photographer swore high and low that he took these for the sake of capturing their detail and making sure he got full coverage of the Exhibit Hall. But we all know the real reason, right?

One Piece! These statues actually look really nice, not gonna lie. Too bad I dropped the anime ages ago, but Ace’s flame arms look badass no doubt.

And even more amazing pieces on display, most of which I don’t even know the origins of.

Spotted a beautiful Insane BRS statue on display, from Good Smile I believe. Not that I could ever afford it, but it’s a gorgeous piece, worlds above the Figma release.

It looks like all walks of life are covered here, from the incredibly popular Attack on Titan right down to My Little Pony. The figure companies were actually on-site selling the stuff on display; it came as no surprise when Figma Link and Samus already had “Sold Out” plastered on their images at the Good Smile booth on the second day.


This. This statue. I’ve coveted it for quite some time, given that it would make an excellent addition to my Varia Suit Samus statue, but after seeing it in person, I was a bit turned off to it. I never got a good look at the face sculpt in person, but it looks pretty meh now. The $130+ price tag that she hefted around the Exhibit Hall was also enough to make me stay far, far away.

Taking a quick reprieve from those exhibits for some more cosplay fun. It just keeps getting better by the day.


Case in point: these guys (and gal, I believe). These are hands down the best EVA costumes I have ever seen in person; most impressif and creative on their part. It looks like their heads are actually in the EVA necks, and they even sported LEDs all over the place.


Penguindrum! Most legit.


Also met another comrade in armor – this fellow did the Extreme Gundam Type Leos, a most obscure suit that none of my pals recognized until I pointed it out. His armor does look very similar to ours last year, just without a base to build it around. It was even made out of cardboard and duct tape.


And another! This time a Wing Zero Custom, complete with wings and everything. Most impressive work here, I’m not even sure what the material for his armor is. It looks like the helmet was built around a motorcycle helmet, explaining its size.


With our Unicorn. Gundam brothers for life.


And another Penguindrum! With a little penguin plush too, damn. I’ve been hunting around for one of those, never found any.

Back to the Exhibit Hall, looks like there are some new pieces on display. These kits are entries for the Gunpla Builders World Cup. Some of them (dat Sazabi doe) were absolutely jaw dropping.

Some more Exhibit Hall fun; I’m glad we have so much time this year, there’s simply too much in there to take in all at once.

Some more statues and figurines on display…


GAH! All of my want but can’t have.


The main lobby area sported Danny Choo’s little stand for Culture Japan and his Smart Doll display. Not gonna lie, I gawked at these for quite some time – they’re gorgeous no question. I just took a look at what the robotic version is slated to do, and I’m sure as heck tempted at the moment.


As for myself, I was Zero again of course, and met some fellow Code Geass cast members!


Also met another twin!


At the end of the day, it was time to tear down. Today was just a hang out day; go around, check out cool cosplay, buy some merch. My cameraman got some Battleship Yamato models from the Bluefin booth, I believe. My partner and I both got Gunpla.


Roughly his haul of the day; looks like he’s getting into the HG Build Fighters line. That impressive display of all the 1/144 Build Fighters kits at the BlueFin booth must’ve swayed him.


So all in all, good day. The NT-D armor went through some more wear and tear, but hopefully it’ll stand up to the big showing tomorrow. It’s surprisingly good fun just going around checking out cosplay and the seas of merch at the Exhibit Hall. AX is now half over, but thankfully we have a good amount of time left ahead.

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