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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 4

    Dawn of the final day. Not enough hours remain. Anime Expo 2015 is finally drawing to a close – though I say finally, it really did pass by in a blur. I think part of that is because we split our cosplay days up evenly, so it didn’t feel too drawn out but at the same time passed quicker than…

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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 3

    Happy independence day. Nothing like some animu, cosplay, and gratuitous spending to celebrate our beloved nation. We didn’t quite stick around long enough today to see some LA fireworks (we have in the past) but we had some good fun in the Entertainment Hall just perusing in cosplay the whole time.

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    Anime Expo 2015: Day 2

    July third – day two has come and gone, relatively quietly to boot. Today was supposed to be our shopping day – none of us dressed up so we could have an easier time hauling merch and dishing out cash, but irony bit us in our behinds when we walked away with nothing to show for our time at the…

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    Robo Toy Fest – May 2015

    Been on a bit of a hiatus lately – haven’t posted in a month now. School’s picking up and wrapping up, so life’s been getting in the way a bit. I didn’t want to leave the site hanging again after my last absence, but things happen. Thankfully I’m back with an event coverage though – just paid Robo Toy Fest…

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    New Year’s – 2015

    Well, somehow made it. 2015’s finally here. The fated graduation year it is. In retrospect, 2014 was one hell of a hot mess. A lot of stuff happened to me personally, and I can’t really say a new year makes me feel any more free from all the craziness I’ve tried to put behind me in the last few months.…