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Anime Expo 2015: Day 4


Dawn of the final day. Not enough hours remain.

Anime Expo 2015 is finally drawing to a close – though I say finally, it really did pass by in a blur. I think part of that is because we split our cosplay days up evenly, so it didn’t feel too drawn out but at the same time passed quicker than we could keep up with. In keeping with tradition, Day 4 is only half day – the closing ceremonies wrap everything up before the sun goes down.

P1150540Not cosplaying the last day, of course. I did dress up last year, but that was when I had pride and excitement in my costume. Still only slightly bitter about that whole mask situation.

Other than coming for some last-day Exhibit Hall deals, we were able to spare a breather to take a closer look at some of those with will enough to cosplay on the last day.

P1150667This one was awesomely appropriate. I wonder if he changed the day readout as the Expo progressed?

A little more of the convention center and some lobby attractions. My Gundam-donning comrade actually forgot his badge on his armor today (which we didn’t bring) so he was basically locked out. Our resident cameraman was nice enough to lend him his badge while he wandered around snapping shots, though he still ended up buying a replacement badge so he could attend an Evangelion celebration panel at the end of the day.

P1150600Much less people on the final day; it’s kinda hilarious that you can actually tell based on the much-improved cell reception now that it isn’t being horribly clogged.

I love how the Exhibit Hall doesn’t get old no matter how many times I go back and wander through it. You find new things every time. I was honestly almost terrified that I’d be wandering through the Hall on Day 4 and finally discover a vendor that had a Zero mask which I’d overlooked the entire time, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.


Still taking breaks, even with only half a day on the docket.

P1150566Oh my god this guy though. He was standing on the balcony next to the escalators leading to the Exhibit Hall screaming “YOUR WAIFU IS TRASH” with the appropriate accompanying sign. It was almost a direct challenge, we nearly initiated a duel on the spot.

The winners of the Gunpla Builders World Cup was announced yesterday in front of the Bluefin booth. Three of the champions seemed to hail from the build group Those Gundam Guys, two of which had totally overpowered diorama displays as their entries. I’m not playing anymore if that group isn’t nerfed.

In all seriousness though, there were a multitude of entries that I felt were much more refined than my own, so I never actually juggled any fantasies about winning, but I was still extremely glad to have participated in the Championship. They seemed to give out a commemorative pin to all the participants, a bit of a consolation prize I suppose. It sure as heck ain’t a medal, but I’m very happy with it nonetheless. Probably the best takeaway from AX this year.

P1150050I actually found it really awesome that the Best of Show winner (a Mr. Michael Wine) was actually the judge at the Robo Toy Fest competition that I had a chance to talk to about my Vice Burning. He gave me some pointers on my kit and was actually the one who suggested I do away with the large clear base in the crater effect piece and drill a hole directly into it for the stand arm. Glad to have taken his advice – he clearly doesn’t mess around. Best of luck to him at the nationals!


Peace out, Anime Expo. As I mentioned before during Day 1, this is more than likely my last time here; I’ll honestly be really surprised at myself if I attend again next year, though I suppose it isn’t totally out of the question. The experience this year was a bit more lackluster than before – best time to call it quits when it gets dull, I think. I actually told myself at first that I wouldn’t be spending much of anything at the Expo this year, but ended up buying a Perfect Grade and two Knightmares.

We actually didn’t even visit any panels this year, though my buddy did attend the Evangelion celebration on Day 4. It was a bit of a combo of there not being anything too interesting and us not really being willing to try any new ones out. I think the GBWC ended up being the highlight for me; I haven’t built a kit in months and feel kinda bad for constantly toting my Vice Burning around everywhere I go, but the competition has revitalized my building spirit a bit, so hopefully I’ll be able to get around to some new projects soon.

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