• Masterpieces,  Transformers

    MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack

    The Autobot’s notorious crackpot inventor and father of the Dinobots, Wheeljack finally gets his due Masterpiece treatment as another to join the ranks of the Autobot cars. Release info for Wheeljack was released alongside Bumblebee, if I recall correctly. People had been betting on a Masterpiece Bee since Starscream, but I’m sure Jackie here was much more of a surprise.

  • Energon,  Transformers

    Transformers Energon Terrorcon Divebomb

    A quick little showcase of an old, tiny Transformers Energon figure – the Terrorcon Divebomb. I’m sure this guy was a master shelf-warmer during Energon‘s glory days; the Terrorcons and Omnicons never really made much of an impression on people, I wager. There were scores of these guys flitting around in Energon, this figure alone is just a dime in…