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Transformers Energon Terrorcon Divebomb


A quick little showcase of an old, tiny Transformers Energon figure – the Terrorcon Divebomb. I’m sure this guy was a master shelf-warmer during Energon‘s glory days; the Terrorcons and Omnicons never really made much of an impression on people, I wager. There were scores of these guys flitting around in Energon, this figure alone is just a dime in a cheap dozen.


It seems almost inappropriate to post this review now. The photos are from back before I switched to my new seamless backdrop and lighting setup. Compared to my current work, I’m ashamed to look at this.


Divebomb isn’t much of anything special. I believe the main selling point was the cool clear green Energon weapons, which in their own right aren’t too shabby.

This thing’s only robot-mode accessories are its two clear green Energon swords that can combine into one.

Articulation in robot mode is standard fare I suppose, if you can look past the already-strange body shape and proportions. Nothing particularly stands out as either good or bad, though thankfully it doesn’t have a problem standing on its feet.


Bird mode! Or Terrorcon mode? Laserbeak is that you?

Most interesting alt mode indeed. While convincing enough from the front, the little robot head that pretty much acts as the rust bucket back there is a bit off-putting.

I’m actually liking the clear green spikes that come out of the wings when you unfold them. There’s also a decent amount of articulation in those appendages to get some flapping motion in. No problems perching on its little claw feet too.


Energon blades can be attached to the sides of the neck like so for some funky-looking effect…seriously, I’m not sure what’s going on here.


This looks a bit more appropriate. The beak and head are actually made up of the biped form’s arms, so it makes sense that it would be able to hold its standard weapons like this.


That’s all there is to it. A very basic little figure from the long-deceased Energon line, Divebomb comes cheap nowadays as your average run-of-the-mill action figure.

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