• Transformers

    Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Optimus Prime

    Finally starting with my Armada line-up, figured it would be appropriate to kick off with the series’ most loved and iconic character. Remember that giant bin of Transformers goodness from over a year ago? (You probably don’t, it’s okay the link is there to refresh your memory.) I’ve sold pretty much everything from that bin sans the Armada stuff. I…

  • Energon,  Transformers

    Transformers Energon Deluxe Class Prowl

    Rolling out with another Deluxe Energon figure, our very own Formula 1 Police Car Autobot, Prowl! While a somewhat memorable member of the animated cast, I’m fairly certain this figure was really just rabble with many of its Deluxe Class brothers-in-arms. Nevertheless, Prowl is a neat little toy in his own right, with the vehicle mode being particularly appealing.