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Transformers Energon Deluxe Class Prowl


Rolling out with another Deluxe Energon figure, our very own Formula 1 Police Car Autobot, Prowl!

While a somewhat memorable member of the animated cast, I’m fairly certain this figure was really just rabble with many of its Deluxe Class brothers-in-arms. Nevertheless, Prowl is a neat little toy in his own right, with the vehicle mode being particularly appealing.


Prowl’s biped mode isn’t too bad, at least not from the front. I dig the over-sized tire shoulder pads. Proportions are pretty reasonable, but the back is all of my what.jpg.

The reason for the funky-ass legs stretching up all the way into his torso is due to the Powerlinx function/gimmick. Like most Energon figures, Prowl can combine with another Transformer his size, making up either the top half or lower half of the new bigger, badder robot. This also explains why he has hands for heels.


Prowl’s head design, or more like neck design, is also freaky-deaky to the max. Instead of being traditionally connected to the torso via some sort of joint on the bottom of the head, Prowl’s neck…goes from the back of his head to the back of his torso.


This basically means looking at him from the front makes it look like the head is floating. But if you lower the joint and have Prowl’s head actually touch the top of the torso, it looks too low. So you have the choice of a floating head or a sunken head. Awesome.


Prowl’s weapons load-out includes one clear blue hunk of plastic that vaguely resembles a gun. Naturally a spring-loaded missile that can be lost to the missing toy parts abyss in a heartbeat is included for your convenience.


All of Prowl’s joints aren’t very inconspicuous either; you can pretty much tell how much he can move and how far the limbs can bend by the pictures alone. While his movement isn’t restricted too much, it’s difficult to put him in an inspiring and creative pose, given both the body structure and lack of accessories.


Transformation yields the sudden appearance of a blue and gold Formula 1 police car. Seriously? I can’t tell if this is a real thing or not. Living in the states, our police cars are boring ‘ol black and white Ford coupes. I’ve never seen anything this ostentatious before.


You’re not fooling anyone with your head placement, Prowl.

I have to admit I’m quite fond of this vehicular mode. The paint apps are really nice, with the gold on the wheels and silver decals really well-done. For being such a toy-ish figure and rather underdeveloped in the articulation and engineering department, it certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to cosmetics.P1040999

And of course, when in high-speed pursuit of speeding Decepticons, you need some form of armament mounted onto your completely practical F1 police cruiser to enforce Cybertronian law at your best.


Rather unusual for an American toy is the use of Japanese characters on the side. I personally think this adds a lot to the figure (Rule of Cool) though I haven’t a clue as to what it says, nor would I ever be bothered to look it up. The silver it was printed/painted in is particularly eye-catching.

I guess the Japanese have F1 Police Cars roaming their streets and interstates? Just another reason to visit.

Notice the beautiful detail in the rear wheels.


All in all, Prowl’s your average Transformers Energon Deluxe Class figure. I’d say his strongest point is the aesthetically pleasing vehicle form (because Japanese F1 Police Cars are just so cool).

Prowl would fit right in with the rest of the Energon cast, and doesn’t go for much online nowadays, as far as I know. Worth a look if you’re into the series or character.

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