• Transformers

    Transformers Alternators Smokescreen

    The ever-famous pioneer of the Alternators line, Smokescreen ushered in a new age of Transformers toys with surprising alt-mode accuracy before the Bay movies took to the silver screen. Transforming into a Subaru Impreza WRC, this is a highly detailed figure, and actually resembles our modern-day Masterpiece Autobot Cars in a lot of aspects.

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG AGE-1 Gundam Test Type Custom

    My third real custom painted kit – the former two being the MG AGE-2 SP Colors and the MG Banshee (the latter of which, as of this writing, does not yet have a review). I’ve always been weary of custom paint jobs – for the paint fumes, long exhausting process, screwed up kits and pieces, terrible paints, dust, terrible finishes,…

  • Handmade,  Video Games

    Polymer Clay Skyward Sword Hylian Shield

    This is an old one, but still what I consider to be my clay masterpiece. I had made this shield a long, long time ago for an old friend and mentor who was going to study abroad in Germany. It was a sort of farewell and thank you present for everything he had done for me. I’ve made quite a…