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    New Additions

    Had a package come in lately much sooner than I expected – I had placed a pre-order for this particular assortment a month or so in advance, but I didn’t actually keep tabs on release dates. Turns out the items I had pre-ordered had slipped out into the public market quietly and discreetly, though I’m just glad to get my…

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    How The Other Half Lives

    Even before I ever discovered Gunpla and the massive Gundam multiverse that accompanied it, I was still into some shape or form of mecha. My childhood revolved around Lego and Transformers – what I consider to be the precursors to my Gunpla experience, with the former covering the building and the latter covering the cool robot aspects. I was a…

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    Transformers Energon Deluxe Class Prowl

    Rolling out with another Deluxe Energon figure, our very own Formula 1 Police Car Autobot, Prowl! While a somewhat memorable member of the animated cast, I’m fairly certain this figure was really just rabble with many of its Deluxe Class brothers-in-arms. Nevertheless, Prowl is a neat little toy in his own right, with the vehicle mode being particularly appealing.

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    S.H. Figuarts Lelouch Lamprouge

    I’ve always catered exclusively to the Figma line-up instead of the S.H. Figuarts, so this is my first taste in what the latter can do. Given that Figma Lelouch is long out of production, this little palm-sized figurine is the last of its kind still available on the market. I’ve been eyeing this figure for quite some time, since I…

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    Transformers Energon Deluxe Class Inferno

    I remember Inferno actually being one of my favorite characters from Energon. The series arc where Megatron almost turns him into a Decepticon was pretty riveting for me as a child. Though once he gets his mid-season upgrade to Roadblock I couldn’t care less about him… Either way, I did of course own Inferno’s toy counterpart as a child, and…