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Transformers Energon Deluxe Class Inferno


I remember Inferno actually being one of my favorite characters from Energon. The series arc where Megatron almost turns him into a Decepticon was pretty riveting for me as a child.

Though once he gets his mid-season upgrade to Roadblock I couldn’t care less about him…

Either way, I did of course own Inferno’s toy counterpart as a child, and have recently reacquired it in the giant bin of Transformers goodness. (Only to be sold off again, ironically.)


Inferno wasn’t exactly a quick-seller when Energon had its hay-day, and had just about nothing remarkable about him.

He’s a deluxe that transforms into some shape or form of a fire truck…I think. I know it has something to do with putting out fires since y’know, Inferno? Fire? No? Okay, I’ll stop now.


Articulation is sub-par, though it gets the basic job done. You can more or less tell which pieces and parts are joints and how they move; Transformers don’t really have much of a need to conceal those.

At the very least Inferno sports knee and elbow articulation, though the head is kinda funky. It’s technically too low and sunken into the body, given it’s attached to the…spinal cord? Not the neck socket at any rate.


This figure is extremely sturdy, no real loose parts. The gray/silver flaps on the legs are the most prone to falling or popping off, though even that’s rare.

I also don’t really remember Inferno’s face being so…metallic in-show. Was it always like that? I’m not sure it gives the right effect – just makes his face kinda freakier.


See: weird head joint. Looking up is just…strange.

Yes, this figure can technically also Powerlinx with another Deluxe Class Transformer, but as far as I know he’s only really designed to be compatible with Hot Shot…which I didn’t have at the time. He doesn’t quite work so well with Prowl.


The head also has this cool little gimmick I always found neat – a little visor-thing that swings over Inferno’s face. It’s technically for vehicle mode, but it looks neat in robot mode nonetheless.



I call him a mini-engine ’cause he’s really just that compared to Cybertron Prime, who transforms into a legit flying fire engine.


Transformation is simple, I’m sure one could figure it out simply by looking at the photos.

Inferno’s fire extinguisher/giant hose/giant gun on the top of his truck mode also swivels via the water tank(?) it’s connected to. Turning said water tank(?) will turn the cannon, via a gear system.

Yes, the missile can be fired and yes, it is extremely easy to lose track of.


To be honest the paint apps are rather impressive, especially compared to modern-day Transformers that really skimp out. Recently released Transformers Prime figures don’t even have the rims on the vehicle mode tires painted in. For shame, Hasbro.


All told, Inferno’s a pretty standard Deluxe Energon figure. He doesn’t exactly run for much nowadays, and isn’t particularly rare. Fans of the character in-series will be satisfied with his figure treatment, methinks, no matter how bare and simple he may be.

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