• Cosplay

    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 3

    It’s a surreal experience having our roles reversed and having me suit up in the armor for once instead of my partner. I now know how it feels to lean around awkwardly as someone else reaches for the buckles and straps to put me inside a foam shell. But alas, it only goes on me now because we designed it…

  • Cosplay

    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 2

    Most of the suit body is already ironed out, and this is only our fourth (ish) day of building, since it’s been two weekends. This makes it seem like we’re making especially good time, but there’s still a lot to be done – fitting the straps will be particularly daunting, and painting takes several days on its own.

  • Life

    Operation Barbatos: Form 1

    Fourth Gundam armor straight, here we go. We’ve kept it strictly Universal Century up until now – from the OG RX-78-2 to the Unicorn and skipping back in the timeline a bit to the Nu. But because there are no brakes on the Iron Blooded Orphans hype train, we’re gonna take a slight divergence and go with the Post-Calamity War’s…