• Animu,  Life

    Anime Expo 2014: Day 1

    The big day finally came, and through all the cosplay preparations, I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked before a big convention like this. Either way, another year at AX means another series of jaw-dropping cosplay and seas of anime to gawk at.

  • Animu,  Figma

    Figma Mato Kuroi

      Another Figma that isn’t actually mine, also from the Black Rock Shooter series to boot! Another friend of mine had bought this online whilst it was on sale; I merely borrowed it for a quick photoshoot and subsequently this review. I’ve seen the school girl versions of the Black Rock Shooter characters around, but they never really appealed to…

  • Pacific Rim

    NECA 7″ Coyote Tango

    Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger featured in merely a flashback in Pacific Rim. This marks NECA’s third new Jaeger mold for the 7″ figure series, and is part of their third wave. I had mentioned getting this one in the mail a while back, along with fellow Mark I Jaeger Cherno Alpha, which I will get around to in due time. I…

  • Misc. Figures and Collectables

    Metal Build Exia Gundam

    I’ve never really had a thing for the Metal Build line…I used to always see the releases, Freedom, 00, etc. on news sites but immediately dismissed them. It seemed like such a small line, didn’t have any particularly defining or impressive features, and I wasn’t drawn or interested in any of the suits getting the treatment. But then, Robo Toy…