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Alter 1/8 Aname Suzuha with Mountain Bike


And yet another piece that isn’t mine – this one also belongs to my pal who owns the Figma Black Gold Saw and Play Arts Kai Spartan Warrior. He more or less let me borrow just about every collectible piece of animu merch he owned for me to photoshoot and write up a review about. Not that I’m complaining, of course.

From the Steins;Gate multiverse of games and anime comes a 1/8 statue of Aname Suzuha, the time traveling girl from the future on her beloved mountain bike.


I have actually watched the entirety of the Steins;Gate anime, though I have never played the games it was based off of. To my understanding, this statue representation of Suzuha takes after the in-game model rather than her anime adaptation appearance.


This is generally a pretty high-quality and upper-tier statue piece, clocking in somewhere around $160.00 USD today. The main focal point of it however, isn’t really Suzuha (at least not to me). The mountain bike that counts as Suzuha’s main “accessory” takes the center stage here.

Seriously, this thing is like one step down from an actual mountain bike. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen so much detail and faith put into something like this. Like, the wheels have tire textures, the bolts and screws are there for the brakes, the brake wires are bendable wires, the pedals move, the kickstand kicks down, the wheels move, it can steer…the only faults I can find are that the brakes don’t actually brake the bike and the gears don’t actually shift.

The thing can roll around like a toy car. As far as I can see, it would’ve made perfect sense to also make it a stationary statue without any articulating pieces at all, given it’s not really a figure, but somehow moving parts were implemented without flaw.


The base is a smokey black plastic piece, opaque and easily scratched. You get a print of the Steins;Gate logo in white at the forefront, along with a little blurb about the series. The printing is actually kind of meh; I’m not sure if that faded and scratched look is intentional as part of the logo styling or just bad printing. I’m not a big fan of it, but it’s not a big deal in the larger picture.


After experiencing the masterpiece that is the mountain bike, Suzuha herself almost feeling underwhelming in comparison.

She comes holding a cup of something in a fixed pose that only allows her to lean semi-seductively over her bike.

I’m honestly not that big a fan of the mold – it doesn’t really seem accurate to either the anime or graphic novel version of her…the eyes are clearly from her latter incarnation. I’m not really digging the eyes at all – I get that it’s a style, but it just doesn’t look right. Makes her seem so lifeless somehow.


Money shot. Just about the only way you’d be checking this statue out. I find myself admiring the tire spokes more.


When you put Suzuha on the bike one of her feet plugs into the base, and bike kinda just…sits there, and her on the bike. Just adjust the movable pedals to reach her other foot and position her elbow roughly above the handlebars and voila. Included is also a clear arm pole meant to support the bike frame, but it’s honestly entirely unnecessary. It barely even reaches the frame, and the statue can stand just fine without it from what I’ve seen.


So overall I think this is a fair piece – I’m pretty sure most of the price comes out of the bicycle instead of Suzuha, as I’ve mentioned already. Given that it’s one of the few Steins;Gate pieces out there that isn’t a Kurisu or Okabe, it does well for what it is. Mountain bike enthusiasts will be thrilled and breathless; Suzuha fans will also have a blast from the right angle.


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