• Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 1

      Summer’s rolling in, which of course means Anime Expo is too. It feels like we barely got a break from building cosplay armor since we had a little commission project this last winter, but the regularly scheduled show still rolls on as we get to our next Gundam armor – this time from the After Colony era. We considered…

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Deathscythe Gundam EW

    Ah, the Deathscythe, a mobile suit revered by many in the Gundam community. I never really understood why so many people loved its design, especially its Custom iteration from the Endless Waltz movie. I mean sure, bat wings are cool and all, but I personally never found it worth fanboying about.

  • Gunpla,  Master Grade

    MG Heavyarms Gundam EW

    Heavyarms was always my favorite suit from Wing; loved pretty much everything about it, color scheme, nipple blaster guns, stupidly large ammunition supply, pilot, and all. Needless to say the Master Grade release was an instant-buy; after nearly a decade we finally get a presentable Heavyarms kit, and it happens to be Katoki’s original Endless Waltz redesign. You get the…