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MG Heavyarms Gundam EW

P1000806Heavyarms was always my favorite suit from Wing; loved pretty much everything about it, color scheme, nipple blaster guns, stupidly large ammunition supply, pilot, and all. Needless to say the Master Grade release was an instant-buy; after nearly a decade we finally get a presentable Heavyarms kit, and it happens to be Katoki’s original Endless Waltz redesign. You get the great colors of the original TV version with the insane and unrealistic firepower of the Endless Waltz Custom version.

XXXG-01H HeavyarmsThe kit straight out of the box looks pretty great; no glaring stability issues or anything, everything holds together well even with the multitude of opening missile flaps and whatnot. I went ahead and used paint to detail some slight areas, including clear green for the head, silver areas on the backpack and thrusters, silver for the edge of the army knife, and red inside the thrusters.

There’s much more painting involved with the rest of the kit, including its weapons and innards that I chose to do, which I’ll explain shortly.

Always pack your essentials when going to war. While Heavyarms is (obviously) a long-range artillery suit it doesn’t forget to have the bare basics in case of melee combat.

The little swiss army knife is more or less tacked on to the side of the arm; doesn’t feel as integral to the suit as it had on the original design. The knife itself looks great though; it had originally come all in gray, so I went ahead and added a touch of silver to the edge to break up the monotony. The only slight qualm with it is that once folded up, it can get slightly in the way of the elbow moving, though not by much.

Chest armor opens up to reveal the two mini-Gatling guns stored in it’s innards. The original chest component came entirely in gray. I decided that looked just a tad too boring, so all the silver, gold, green, and black in there was added by hand. Silver vulcans on the top were painted silver as well.

All the missiles were painted a light, kinda faded blue ’cause I figure the gray was too boring…I really wanted more color on this kit, so a lot of stuff was changed around even though it really didn’t need to be. The area surrounding the missiles on the legs were also painted gray.

The big ‘ol beam gatling gun is attached via a bullet belt that feeds from the barrel in the back. The giant energy barrel and gun itself can be attached to the holsters on the back.

The connection wasn’t particularly secure at first, but a little super glue on the pegs fixed that for the most part.

A dark shade of gray (almost black) was the original plastic color for the entire gun, though I added all the gold and silver parts and highlights as I saw fit.

Gold spray paint was used on the entire slaggin’ bullet belt. Wasn’t particularly fun spraying every single piece of that damn thing, but I liked the result. The belt itself isn’t particularly articulate; you get a thick wire that runs through it but it doesn’t really bend much. When the gatling is attached and held in the arm articulation is extremely restricted.

The little dinky red shield can be attached to either the forearm or the gatling gun itself. Putting it on the forearm will usually restrict movement even further, so it’s better to leave it on the gun.


Articulation and details aren’t particularly noteworthy, though none of it is lacking in any way. Think the only quirk I have with it is lack of toe articulation, though that’s not huge and easily overlooked.

Of all the new Master Grade Wing Gundam kits I really only wanted Heavyarms out of my old love for the suit itself. The armaments seem rather plain at first, but some paint and bling can bring it all out much more.


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