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    Robot Damashii Tristan

    Tristan has the distinct honor of being the only Knight of Rounds Knightmare Frame (barring series main-mecha Lancelot) to be a regular release in the Robot Damashii line-up, as near everyone else (Mordred, Percival, Galahad) came as Special Edition exclusives. Whether this was due to the Knightmare’s popularity (doubtful) or ease of production (further doubtful), Tristan unfortunately ended up as…

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    Operation: Zero 2.0

    Tomorrow’s the big day, and now that my comrade’s armor is all but finished, I figured I would shed some light on my own endeavors for this year’s Expo. Needless to say I’m cosplaying as Zero again. It’s partially because I like the character a lot and partially because I felt like last year’s costume was so lackluster I’m obligated…

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    S.H. Figuarts Lelouch Lamprouge

    I’ve always catered exclusively to the Figma line-up instead of the S.H. Figuarts, so this is my first taste in what the latter can do. Given that Figma Lelouch is long out of production, this little palm-sized figurine is the last of its kind still available on the market. I’ve been eyeing this figure for quite some time, since I…

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    Composite Ver. Ka Shinkiro

    Hey look, another Shinkiro – I’m a huge Code Geass headgeek, and a huge fan of Lelouch’s personal Knightmares, the Shinkiro and Gawain. Black and gold forever. I had originally gotten the Robot Tamashii Shinkiro a while back, but when the Composite Ver. Ka was first announced, I was ecstatic.

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    Robot Damashii Shinkiro

    The truest anime-to-figure representation of Lelouch’s personal Knightmare Frame, the Shinkiro in Robot Damashii form. Being roughly the size of a regular 1/144 Gundam kit, this figure comes at a pretty high price; don’t think you can find any on the net below $80 right now for some reason. The Robot Damshii incarnation of the Shinkiro is pretty much as…