• 1/24 Scale Cars

    Fujimi Honda Integra Type R DC5 (Acura RSX)

    Before I get put on blast and hosed by all the JDM purist fanatics out there…yes I know this isn’t actually an Acura, or an RSX, it’s 100% purebred Integra Type R, but the name is in the title to help associate those who aren’t as familiar with overseas model trims. I would’ve preferred an actual Acura RSX as a…

  • 1/24 Scale Cars

    Tamiya Nissan Fairlady 300zx Turbo

      I was never particularly enamored with the 300zx – around here in Southern California they’re fairly rare and I know some people consider them legends on the level of the Supra and NSX. The car’s somewhat strange wedge-nosed front end never did it any favors in my eyes, but I have to concede it’s no slouch of a sports…

  • 1/24 Scale Cars

    Maisto 1/18 Porsche Carrera GT Prototype

    First off – not my car, not my model. You’d catch me setting my house on fire before you see me invest any serious money in any fabulous German engineering, much less a Porsche. I’ll concede that they’re nice cars – no doubt a symbol of wealth and status and have the performance to back up their name – but…

  • Transformers

    Transformers Cybertron Deluxe Hot Shot

    I’ve never actually watched the Cybertron series all the way through. I stopped with Energon, since apparently Cybertron turned into a complete continuity clusterfeth. Still though, some of their designs aren’t too bad. Hot Shot certainly received a cosmetic upgrade from his Armada and Energon appearances.