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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 7

    We’re on seven build logs now, and this isn’t even the last chapter. I can’t tell if this suit is just taking the longest out of anything we’ve ever built (probably) or we’re just documenting more of it (unlikely). Regardless, the actual Titan suit is just about 100% done now – the only things left are finishing up the ranger/trooper…

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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 5

    Suit production is winding down, now that just about all the construction and fitting is finished. There’s still a lot of small details to fill in, but at the moment we’re saving those finishing touches for later. This week a big focus was working on the second part of this commission – scratch-build ranger helmets for the pilots of the…

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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 4

    It feels like we didn’t get much accomplished during this session because almost all the suit building is done. The body parts (sans the gloves for the hands) are all there, so the focus of this weekend was to start pushing out the accessories and make the entire suit fit on a human body. The smaller details like color breakup,…

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    Commission Cosplay Titan: Part 2

    Most of the suit body is already ironed out, and this is only our fourth (ish) day of building, since it’s been two weekends. This makes it seem like we’re making especially good time, but there’s still a lot to be done – fitting the straps will be particularly daunting, and painting takes several days on its own.

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    Operation Qan[T]: Part 6

    I’m a bit late on this one – keen observers will note that this build log is very long delayed. This post will cover the very last day of our Quanta cosplay build, but because we only finished at 7am the morning of Day 1 of Anime Expo, I couldn’t get around to writing this up until now. Nevertheless, I’m…