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    Genesis Coupe M&S/UNR Body Kit Install

    M&S front bumper, rear bumper, and sideskirts, as it arrived via truck freight on a palette. Marked as do not stack to ensure safe delivery. Sideskirts open box. 3M-backed tape and install foam included in the package. A roll of what looks to be black vinyl wrap is included for the sideskirt insert strips, though we won’t be using those.…

  • Scale Cars

    Tamiya Subaru BRZ Street Custom + C1 Models BLITZ Transkit

      I’ve built a Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S before…but never a Subaru BRZ. So this is a totally different build of a totally different car. Right? That’s how this works? The FR-S has actually since been taken apart for parts since I wasn’t very happy with how that build turned out – eventually I’ll be rebuilding it (maybe with a…

  • Cosplay

    Operation Meteor: Part 5

      As the deadline for ‘con gets closer, we find ourselves crunching hard to get the details for this suit out. Construction is now nearly complete; we can start sealing and painting certain parts, but it’ll take a lot more prep than usual since we plan to hold this armor to a higher standard and actually enter a competition with…

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    Operation Meteor: Part 2

      Only the second time we’re getting together for the build, but we’ve already got most of the actual body hashed out. This is nearly zero to Gundam in four days. I like to think we’ve become more efficient at mobile suit design and production since we’ve been doing this for five years now.

  • Gunpla,  High Grade

    HGUC Gundam F91

      I was equal parts excited and intimidated by the HGUC F91 when I picked it up for my HG All Gundam Project. It’s a fairly modern HG, so I can trust it to be relatively builder-friendly with all the articulation and accessory goodies that modern HGs offer, but at the same time it’s also known that the F91 is…