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    Tamiya Toyota Supra + Hobby Design Modification Kits

    Took me long enough to get to the iconic A80. Can’t believe I’ve built the new A90 before its much more iconic predecessor. I’ve had this Tamiya Supra and the Hobby Design Modification Kits set sitting around for literal years – for some reason it was just tough to always force myself back into this build.

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    ZoomOn Subaru 22B STi

    I love the 22B – not because of its legendary performance icon status or what it means historically to Subaru – I just like that it’s a 2-door STi, something we haven’t gotten in decades. I’d probably own a Subaru by now if they offered an AWD performance coupe.

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    Genesis Coupe M&S/UNR Body Kit Install

    M&S front bumper, rear bumper, and sideskirts, as it arrived via truck freight on a palette. Marked as do not stack to ensure safe delivery. Sideskirts open box. 3M-backed tape and install foam included in the package. A roll of what looks to be black vinyl wrap is included for the sideskirt insert strips, though we won’t be using those.…

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    Aoshima Subaru Impreza WRX STi GRB + USCP Sedan Transkit

    The STi is an iconic childhood car for me – ironically because one of my earliest memories as a child was of playing with an Alternators Smokescreen Transformer toy that turned into a Subaru WRC. I like them even more now that I’m familiar with their performance and pedigree, to the point where I was deadly close to pulling the…