Start of a New Year

Janurary 1st, 2013. Seems like a legitimate time to start something new.

Welcome to Supar Robo. Mechs, animu, and general geekery is the name of the game here.

This blog was created mostly out of myself wanting a single, overlording place to dump a lot of photoshoots of Gunpla, toys, figurines, and life in general. I figure it’d be a nice new internet home for me to monitor and devote some time to.

Most of the stuff I post here will be the huge amounts of Gunpla photoshoots I have, and I’ll type up a review for each kit to boot. Always wanted to start a hobby blog, and while I’ve attempted it before, this time I’m committed to keeping this one running. It’s my new year’s resolution.

Along with the usual mecha, animu, and whatnot I might get urges to put some random snippets of my personal life on here too. I mean, why not right? Figure it’ll help get some stuff off my chest when I need to, though I’ll try keeping ranting to a minimum. We all hate that.

Anywho look forward to what’s to come here; with any luck this place will grow and prosper to be a somewhat recognized site. If my quarter-assed Gundam HQ could get some moderate views and comments then I’m sure this place will grow to something great.

Cheers to a new and prosperous new year everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all here.

– James

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