Interlude – 12/3/14


So…this is a bit awkward, but while it is a usual Wednesday which usually warrants a review post…I don’t actually have anything left in the photoshoot queue at the moment.

Usually how it works is I’ll have several photoshoots ready and typed up on the site and saved as drafts, ready to be published whenever the next Wednesday rolls around. The kits and figures featured in the backlog are those that already have photoshoots and drafts ready, but if you check over there now it’s conspicuously deserted.

This doesn’t mean I’ve run out of figures, models, or collectables though (trust me there are plenty rolling in just in time for the holiday season). It just means I’ve been a busy little bee and haven’t had the time to do any more photoshoots.

I don’t want to leave this place hanging and dead while I work on other side projects though, so I figure I might as well give some updates as to what’s been going on…


I realized with a tinge of regret not too long ago that I never really documented my room in all its otaku, geeky glory. Would’ve made a nice commemoration for what I’m doing to it now.

Basically, a lot of things have happened in the past few months and I’ve decided it would be an ideal time for some serious change in my life. I won’t elaborate on the details (while personal, it isn’t too traumatizing), but aside from a brand new look for my person I felt like it would be a good time to revamp my living quarters a bit.


I’ve had a dream display in mind for my room for a while now, but it’s taken me a bit to gather the funds necessary for such an excursion. The process has been a fairly long one, and this isn’t even the full run-down; I’m still not done. I’ll be posting a full detailed post on everything that’s changed and everything I’ve done once the process is complete, which I’m estimating for either the end of this calender year or the beginning of the next.


In the meantime, some exciting stuff – Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U is now out, and I’ve managed to move my Wii U into my room as part of the renovations, eliminating the need to fight the rest of the family for the single T.V. in the house.


Picked up my first Amiibo – naturally Samus. She’s already at Level 50 and all but handing me my arse in a hand-basket. They’re considerably tougher than the standard Level 9 CPU’s I’ve been fighting as of late, though I’m at least relieved that I don’t lose too badly to my new sparring partner. I realized somewhere down the line that I’m pretty much doomed to lose all the time when I’ve been boosting her actual stats like crazy with add-ons and the stock characters I use in-game all essentially have their Attack, Defense, and Speed values set at the base level. Either way, it’s been fun.


Smash Bros. has influenced me a bit more beyond just the small Amiibo stuff though. I traditionally main Samus, with Toon Link and now Zero Suit Samus as secondaries. In Melee and Brawl, I would only fight using the Gravity Suit palette swap colors. However, she does have quite a few more color options in SSB4, some of which really grew on me…


One night I decided to be crazy and lightly toyed with the idea of tearing my Figma Samus apart and repainting it. I didn’t seriously think I could pull it off, since it was at heart a figure (an expensive one at that) and not a model kit, but before I knew it I was ripping her limbs off and undoing the joints. The entire project moved ahead startlingly quickly, given my excitement, but that’ll be covered in full detail in the actual post when it comes out…


And lastly, yet another bit I was working on at the same time as all that other stuff above – a bit of a blast from the past, way back to Anime Expo 2013.


I’ve had this kit for around a year and a half already, and only now do I get around to it. It’s earned the distinction as the longest page-warmer over at the backlog, under the “yet to be built/opened” section too.

It honestly turned out a lot like an afterthought; I had a really tough time choosing the color scheme, which was a big reason for me putting it off for so long…that’ll be highlighted and explained in further detail whenever I actually get around to photoshooting and typing up a post for it though…


This is really just a filler catch-up post, really. I know I was really ambiguous, and that was deliberate. Don’t want to give too many details away, that ruins the fun of the actual full posts! Hopefully I’ll have another ‘shoot done by next week…

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