Transformers Armada Deluxe Class Demolisher

P1120146The Decepticon’s obligatory bumbling, tumbling tank on legs is an old but familiar toy for me. I remember I actually owned the green, tan, and brown Cybertron recolor first, then managed to trade it in elementary school with a friend who had the original Armada version, seen here. DemolisherDemolisher isn’t all that remarkable, especially in robot mode. It’s pretty easy to tell that his only real stance is that of a rigid plank, straight up and unbending. P1120147I have to give credit where credit’s due though – the face sculpt and details on his tank parts (chest, thighs, etc.) are all done really well. The gray paint on hsi thighs almost looks like panel wash. P1120148Articulation is a little less than awesome, as I’ve already alluded to. The main limiting factor I think, is the inability of the arms to bend outward. Their only range of movement is a single plane of rotation at the shoulders, then further bends along the same angle at the elbows. This contributes a lot to his blocky nature. P1120158The legs are a bit better, though not by much. At least we get some semblance of knees, and the disproportionally large (but excellently detailed) thighs can bend outward at least.

In case it wasn’t obvious…Demolisher’s fingers are meant to be individual little machine guns. Given that they’re molded solid I know it can be a bit hard to tell, but that’s why children play best with their imaginations. The arms can be half-transformed to resemble their vehicle-mode configuration in order to fire the missiles stored on his shoulders. P1120152To actually fire said missiles though, you need the help of Demolisher’s Mini-Con partner, Blackout. There’s only one functioning powerlinx gimmick that allows the missiles to actually be fired. The gray section pops out when you attach a Mini-Con and said Mini-Con then needs to be pushed like a trigger to fire the missiles. P1120155P1120156Blackout himself is a very simple and basic-looking Mini-Con. Unlike a lot of others that have extraordinarily funky biped forms, Blackout keeps it simple with two tread legs and cannon arms. P1120153P1120154He does transform into some sort of mini support tank or whatever, I’m not really sure what it would actually be since Mini-Cons are usually human-sized… I’m actually missing a piece from my Blackout; it should have a small silver radar-dish-looking thing that attaches to the back near the head (note that empty hinge slot) but I’m pretty sure it was just cosmetic and so minor I’d hardly notice the difference. P1120140P1120141Demolisher’s vehicle form – that of some crazy sci-fi tank of unknown make. I’m pretty sure this isn’t actually based off of anything real-world, otherwise we have crazier designs in the military than I thought. There’s really nothing remarkable about this vehicle form, other than the fact that it feels like a brick in your hands. The turret can rotate, and the treads obviously aren’t really treads, opting for the usual plastic wheels disguised underneath. P1120142 A pretty cool feature is the ability for Blackout to ride in the seat of the tank while its in robot mode. It fits pretty much just perfectly, which makes me wonder if other appropriately shaped Mini-Cons would work as well…though I’ve never tried it. P1120143 Blackout can also slot between Demolisher’s legs treads and launched like a…ppffffttttttt by god I can’t do this; I never realized how strange this feature sounds in explanation but there’s really no good way to say it… Ahem. There’s a small slot in Demolisher’s groin that Blackout’s stubble of a head can pop into, which sets a spring back. Pushing the small gray button in front of the seat launches Blackout out like a missile. It seems like a strange function in all honesty, but hey it’s there. P1120150I can honestly say I’m a bit more fond of Demolisher’s character from the series than his actual figure. The toy itself is really nothing remarkable; it’s an accurate portrayal of the on-screen Transformer without the personality. As such, I really can’t imagine anyone picking this guy up nowadays unless they’re completing an old Armada collection as I am.

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