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MG Build Strike Gundam Full Package


Gundam Build Fighters’ titular mobile suit model kit, Sei Iori’s superpowered tune-up of the Strike Gundam makes a sexy Master Grade kit.

Looking back on it now, I feel like the Full Package never really got much screen time. It was only introduced halfway through the first arc, and got totaled after the fight with the Zaku Amazing (which didn’t get nearly enough screentime either). By the end of the season I was getting a bit weary of the Star Build Strike’s insane stats and improbable ability to solve every problem with a glowing blue punch.


But I digress. This is just a straight build, though as usual I opted not to use any of the provided stickers and did all the small details in on my own with paint. Like my MG SEED Remastered kits, I also chose to leave the decals off, since the Build Strike has enough detail on its own (I’m also just a tad lazy).

Build Strike

The Build Strike alone is a fantastic design, I personally think. Admittedly, not much is really changed and there aren’t any significant practical modifications from the original base Strike design. We get some cosmetic changes to the shoulder, ankle, skirt, and head armors.


Of course, this mold is based off of the MG Aile Strike Ver. RM, which grants it very modern detailing and aesthetics.

The only on-board armament the Build Strike features is a pair of beam sabers, discounting the four vulcans in the head. These pretty much replace the original Strike’s Armor Schneiders – an astute upgrade.


Articulation is pretty much the same as the MG Aile Strike Ver. RM – it’s amazing. I love how stiff all the joints are after assembly, and the gorgeous modern proportions paired with the mind-blowing articulation make this one of my favorite kits to stare and admire in all its beauty.


Enter the Build Booster, in all of its true blue glory.


As a support aircraft, it’s surprisingly well detailed and fairly well articulated. Unlike the Build Booster Mk. II, this craft doesn’t feel like a 2005 kit and is on par with the actual Gundam itself.


It even has some landing gear that can be deployed, though it does look a bit funky because when sitting on the ground it looks like it’s tilting a little too far forward.


I don’t think Bandai actually includes one of these stands in this kit, but they do go out of their way to include a little clear adapter just for the Build Booster. How considerate.


Paired with the Build Booster Mk. II. Seriously, the work I put into the Mk. II booster is probably double or triple of what I had to do for the first. Just a little ironic that the Mk. II is inferior to the original, at least in model kit standing.


Moving right along to the Full Package – a transformed booster turned backpack, two rifle variations, and the Chobham shield.

Full Package

Fully equipped.

The transformation from booster to backpack isn’t at all complicated; I’m sure you can figure it out just by glancing at the photos. I do like how the backpack leaves a bit of clearance behind the shoulders when it pegs in though, meaning it isn’t hugging the Build Strike’s back as tightly as the Aile Pack does for the original Strike.

Its combat performance has now been boosted by 160%. Yeah, those are some real stats. I’m not playing anymore if it’s not nerfed in the next installment.

The beam rifle and shield are pretty basic; I like how conservative they are, making wielding them that much easier. I’m especially fond of the rifle design, though the Chobham shield looks like something straight out of LEGO.


A pair of large beam cannons are also mounted on the Build Booster itself, which can swing down and forward for use, similar to the F91′ s VSBRs.

I personally think these are very cool weapons, but I question why it needs to actually have triggers to pop up and be used. It could go full Freedom-style spam-fest by just firing straight off the backpack, yet Sei decides to limit the use of the hands when firing these. Strange.


The Build Strike does also get an extra upgrade for its rifle, creatively named the Enhanced Beam Rifle. I found it really interesting how you can’t actually use either at the same time because they both use the same rifle base, which looks like a spray gun on its own. Each casing can pull out and come apart to swap out for the other.

I’m really digging the white as a rifle, though it did come a bit bare. The entire thing was originally just a giant lump of white plastic, of which I spent a good while tediously painting and detailing. Even the emitters had to be painted in.

This issue did spark quite a bit of controversy when it hit; many people were peeved that Bandai didn’t include three clear green pieces for the rifle barrel, as the instead opted to throw metallic green foil stickers at us and call it a day.


Neatly enough, it can also be stored on the underside of the forearm (via the shield connector) when not in use.

And lastly, some saber action for you…I guess.


The Build Strike does come with its own dedicated display base, of the same variety that came with several other Master Grades, such as the Wing Zero Custom.

This base actually plugs into the Build Booster, rather than the actual Build Strike itself. Strike’s original crotch connector is still included though.


So, all told, what can I say?

I absolutely love this kit. Just looking at the photos, its aesthetics are simply beautiful. I mean yeah I’m a total Strike fanboy, but come on – how could you not like this suit’s design.

There really isn’t too much of a tangible difference between the original MG Aile Strike Ver. RM and this kit; it just comes down to which design you prefer if you’re really debating between the two. Either way you’ll be getting an awesome suit. I’m almost disappointed that I won’t be able to have the Full Package equipped when I tack on all the stuff that comes with the Universe Booster; I am quite fond of the big blue wings and simplistic armament.


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