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HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal


Another HG that I bought solely for use in my big Build Burning custom work that’s currently still in progress. AGE-1 is a simple, small, and cheap kit but still pretty impressive on its own. I only really got this model to cannibalize its head onto my custom Burning, so I’m not sure what I want to do with the rest of its body yet. Because there’s so little unique armor and the suit itself is just ridiculously simple and bare, there’s little I can really make use of.

P1130472I love how few pieces there are. Having built the MG before, it’s actually really refreshing and interesting to build this suit as a lower grade. I found myself thinking, “oh hey that one piece was 3 pieces on the MG” during the build.


The sticker sheet is fairly bare; just enough for AGE-1’s sensors and the notorious black knee bits. The chest compartment is actually put together separately so the green/black can easily be painted in, but for the sake of yet another direct out-of-the-box build I went ahead and used the entire sticker piece.

P1130475Strangely enough, there was an unmarked piece leftover on one of the runners that looks to be the shape of AGE-1’s chest cavity. My first thought was that it was included to make the AGE-1 Flat, even though this kit only came out during the Flit arc of AGE and the Flat hadn’t even been announced yet.

I poured over the manual but didn’t find any clues on what this part is actually intended for. Even the runner diagrams just show it there, not X’d out or anything. I didn’t actually bother cutting it out to test fit it on AGE-1’s chest though.

AGE-1Built completely straight, with nothing but scissors, exacto, and passion. Note the conspicuous nubs on the back of the knees that I would’ve normally removed with some sanding and paint.

P1130523For such a simple kit with an incredibly low parts count, this is honestly a pretty incredible kit. I’m biased towards conservative designs in general, but I love how unobstructed the AGE-1’s range of movement is.


While it doesn’t have the new HG frame used in a lot of the HG All Gundam Project kits (I’m pretty sure AGE ended right before that concept was introduced) the AGE-1 is all-around a very free-moving kit. The limbs are generally pretty solid, with nothing coming apart too often. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as a good MG of course, but it’s gotta be one of the better HG’s in terms of stability.


Classic beam DODS rifle and shield.

The rifle is simple and sturdy; AGE-1 wields it effortlessly and securely. Thankfully it isn’t prone to falling out of the hands.


The main barrel can be adjusted to move the scope to the side if needed, or just be taken off to convert it to a spray gun.

P1130528I’m honestly pretty disappointed with the shield though. While it isn’t bad in and of itself, it doesn’t secure itself onto the forearms particularly well or much at all. The peg seems to be too small for the socket, meaning the connection will forever be loose unless it’s tightened with glue or paint.

P1130532And instead of a traditional shield clamp that allows for mounting on either the underside of the arms or the sides, the AGE-1 takes a more unique approach by allowing this function through swapping of the wrist cuff armor. The hand must be removed first, followed by the cuff, and replaced in a new position to allow for varying shield-carrying options.

P1130533The beam sabers aren’t anything special as usual, but unfortunately a fair problem in their own right.

While AGE-1 wields them effortlessly, the saber handles are similar to the shield slot in that they don’t sit securely in their sockets. There’s no locking mechanism in the side-skirt storage areas; the hilts just sit loosely in there, held on barely by gravity and what little friction there is between the plastic.

P1130543And of course, a pair of (very slightly) shorter dagger blades are also included.


I honestly really like this kit. I’m surprised to say it, but I actually really prefer it over the MG, given it basically has everything required of such a simple mobile suit design, and holds its own extremely well as a stable and fun kit. There are really no issues with part or color separation here since the suit never had a complex or outlandish palette anyway. I’m actually seriously considering buying another one after I’m done with my Build Burning custom and creating an AGE diorama with it and a few Dorados.


And because this is totally possible and actually looks like it’d work.




  • Riotmon

    Funny enough I just finished the exact same model, pretty much for the purposes of testing my making techniques, and I agree the build was surprisingly fun, minimalistic and fun. I was really surprised how sturdy and flexible the unit was. For the price it is one of my favourite builds 🙂 I like the customisation to build burning 🙂

  • Hikarunu

    that extra white piece actually fits the Age chest, and while you dont seem to notice it Age 1 have really bad waist, my HG Age-1 Full Gransa body keep split into 2 because the badly design ball waist joint, and yes Full Gransa use old HG Age-1 mold

  • Hikarunu

    oh wait, I thought it is a bug or something my previous comment didnt show up, but when I made another new one its finally show ._.

    can you delete my old comment?

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