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I have returned to the world of the living. See? I promised I’d be back. Even I surprise myself by being a man of my word sometimes. Supar Robo is back in action.

I officially put the site on hiatus back in late September of 2015. From then to now, I totally missed on the traditional Christmas and New Years posts, so I guess they’re not tradition anymore. I used to also always change the site theme and banners up every New Year’s too, as a sort of commemoration because this whole thing started on the New Years of 2013, with my wee 3-years-ago-self furiously looking up the principles of blogging as the clocks ticked past midnight.

But because I missed the milestone date this year, I’ll just keep the site aesthetics as they’ve been for the last year. I’m sure there are plenty new themes available on that I could pick and choose from now, but I simply don’t have the same time to tweak every little bug that comes with a new layout anymore. The banner that is the header for this post is new though, and will be inserted into the usual main cycle up top.

March 29 2016 Update:

Funny thing – the Computer Science class I’m taking at University right now happens to be teaching web design and CSS Coding. I’ve always had a very basic and rudimentary understanding of it (read: basically none) and prefer to avoid custom coding my site theme as much as possible. Since I’m learning it in class now though, I figure it would be a good time to actually come back and apply what I’ve learned and update the theme as usual. I’m only about four months late as per tradition, but at least things are getting mixed up. New banners abound and a new carbon fiber background to replace the shiny purple GN Particles from before. I’m much less hesitant to explore new themes for the site now that I have a much better understanding of how to work with CSS and am able to adjust any theme inconsistencies to my liking.


I’ve decided to make my re-entry now because it seems like I’m finally getting a bit back into the hobby. While not as immersed in it as I have been (I think this was my prime) I’ve come back enough to actually be in the mood for plamo every now and again. For quite a few months (around the latter half of 2015) I just never had the urge to build and was generally disinterested in the usual otaku lifestyle.

I cited in my going-away post that my readjusted lifestyle thanks to higher education was the main reason for taking a break from the usual photoshoots and hours in front of the screen typing up post after post. While my usual schedule now still doesn’t allow for as much time as I’d like to work on the site, I think I’ve settled in enough that I can still keep this place breathing, slowly and steadily.

IMG_8977And when I say slowly and steadily, I think I’ll be aiming for a post every other week now. I have a few already pre-written and ready to be published, but I’m also kind of worried I won’t be able to meet that quota. At the same time though, once a month seems a bit too scarce.

I’m hoping my current plamo passion will keep itself flaming well and healthy for this bi-monthly schedule to work out. Now that I’ve already missed January and nearly the first week of February, it should only be about 21 posts for this whole year.

Most of the posts throughout this year will also most likely be straight model kits – it’ll take a lot for me to go for a figure or collectible piece now. I’ve just about sold everything featured on this site too, so everything I own at the moment is freshly built.


  • vae1711

    Glad to hear you’re back ! I was really impressed by your Build Bruning Gundam custom, and read all your older (Gundam) blog posts. I’d love to read some new ones 🙂

    Oh, and if you feel bad for not regularly posting, you can take a look at my very own blog. I’ve posted twice, the last time being april 2015. So, yeah.

    • James Pierce

      Thanks for keeping up with the site! It means a lot that you’d also let me know haha I’m never sure of how many lurkers there are around here. I used to be pretty inconsistent with my posting habits too but I suppose my New Year’s Resolution this time will be to be as constant as I can. :’D

  • Elton Lin

    Hey man, just found the site! Love the shot of the Hot Wheels World Race cars you have. Would you mind at all if I were to use it for a personal project with credits to you? Let me know, thanks!

    • James Pierce

      Thanks for checking the place out! Which photo are you talking about specifically? Go ahead and drop the direct link here if you can, I don’t remember ever show-casing my Hot Wheels collection…of course I wouldn’t mind if you used it with the proper credits, mind if I ask what kind of project it is?

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