College Hiatus


Going on break again; this time it’ll probably quite an extended one – I’m glad I’m getting around to writing this official temporary cut-off post after only missing the last week. Funny thing is that the site’s stats have somehow spiked after a skipped week  – should I be posting less often?


I’ve personally reached another crossroads in life that will require my full attention for a little while. It’s finally time to move on to some glorious higher education, and as much as I hate to admit it, my triple-occupancy dorm room isn’t quite large enough to sustain my usual hobby operations. There isn’t even anywhere I can spray models anymore, it’s criminal!

I’ve also been slipping out of the collecting hobby a bit recently – I’ve nearly sold off just about everything that’s been featured on this site, and my glorious man-cave as was featured here in full detail is now but a shadow of itself in its former glory.


Nevertheless, I still have a few pieces lying around that I’ve yet to get around to ‘shooting and writing up. With that being said, I don’t quite want to discount this site as dead quite yet. I’m honestly not sure how long it’ll keep going after I get back, since I can’t see myself in the financial position to continue spending on the hobby much. This site is kind of built on merch – without it, I don’t want to turn it into a boring casul blog about my everyday life.

Between finals breaks and other small breathers I get, I’m gonna see if I can’t post at least once a month from now on – that’s only 12 posts a year, so it should be easily do-able. All the same, a big shout-out goes to the site followers and those who check the place out regularly – I’m definitely supar proud of how well flushed out this place has become (har har) and how it’s managed to keep going for so long.

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