New Years 2017


As a new year rolls around I found myself going back and checking out the site’s annual New Year’s posts (the Archives tool on the sidebar is useful for this) – I usually make it a point to put something up at the turn of the calendar, if only for commemoration purposes because this place started up on the morning of January first back in 2013.

Turns out I missed it completely for the beginning of 2016 – even going so far as handwaving it as no longer tradition to do this sort of thing anymore. Even way back in February last year 2016 was already falling apart.


As I was looking through the Archives even I was surprised to see a post gap from September 2015 to February 2016. I had put the site on hiatus for a dangerously long time, though it’s been long enough that I’ve totally forgotten about it. As such, I’m glad I got through the rest of the year according to the schedule I had set for myself – two posts a month, every other week.


It doesn’t sound like much (36 posts this year, even counting the re-start from hiatus in mid-February and the mid-year sporadic posting for Anime Expo and its accompanying prep), but I think 2017 will see an even less frequent schedule.


Gunpla’s really going to start taking a back seat on the site, I think. I’ve been wanting to focus in a slightly different direction with automotive models more, though that doesn’t mean I’ll be forsaking Gundam entirely. It’ll just take a bit longer to churn more of the current collection lineup (All Gundam Project) out.


Awkwardly enough, some new collections I’ve started don’t quite hold enough content on their own to garner individual posts on this site. It’s hard enough for me to write about figures that didn’t have a personalized build process go into them, I don’t know if I’d be able to write anything about little 1:64 scale Hot Wheels.

ststGrowth was nice during the first three years for Supar Robo, though it looks like we’ve finally plateaued come 2016. 15k visitors isn’t even close to graduating the place from anything more than a little obscure blog, but it’s interesting enough given that 2016 saw 7 less posts than 2015, which in turn saw 31 less posts than 2014.

I’m planning the new 2017 schedule to be roughly a post a month – counting the mid-year Anime Expo coverage and the occasional odd convention here and there it should rack up to a little more than 20 posts for the year, though of course if I happen to have extra content the more the merrier.


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