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A Long Hiatus

Hey all. It’s been like a month with no update, my bad. There’s this funny little thing called Life getting in the way…

Lots has happened in the past month. A lot of good robot-y merch goodness.

Earlier this month, a pal and I went to a local robot toys convention called Robo Toy Fest. The place was crazy; pretty much just a giant room filled with all the robot and mecha merch you could think of. There were Gundams, Megazoids, Transformers, Legos, everything…lots of stuff ranging from toys and figures themselves to random merch like art books and posters.


The above is our haul for the day. Two little Danboard mini revlotech figures, (cute little shits) one for each of us, two artbooks, and a little…keychain…thing…that my colleague bought for himself.


There was admittedly a lot of legit stuff there, and a lot of things calling my wallet and name, but I managed to resist hardcore until I saw a certain 1/100 mobile suit and just had to splurge…


I’ve admittedly never had much interest in the Metal Build line at all, but upon seeing the beautiful box at the Fest (yes, I was attracted to buying it for the box) I went ahead and took the $180 plunge for my first Metal Build. Gotta say, worth every penny. She’s a beaut., and upon messing with the Exia for a while…I can never go back to holding feather-weight ‘pla again…

The main selling point for me was that it was a beautiful 1/100 Exia, where the MG fell so short, this was a worthy replacement.

So speaking of splurging and spending copious amounts of money…


I recently managed to acquire a dream figure of mine. Upon getting this in the mail, I was ecstatic. I had to shell out my left testicle and right arm for it, but it was oh so worth it…


I’ve been a die-hard Iron Man fan ever since the second movie came out, and Iron Man 2 still remains my favorite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I know, critics shoot me now).

P1030029 - CopyI’ve always had a thing of never settling for anything lower than the best, so the usual figures at Wal-Mart never really did it for me. They were ugly as feth and didn’t look anything like what was on the screen…as such I wanted perfection, and only Hot Toys really delivered that.

P1030014 - Copy

Ugh so beautiful…will try to get a review up soon.


In terms of actual ‘pla, I’ve had Sandrock done forever and a half ago. It’s ready to go, just haven’t taken the photoshoot yet. Will try to get on that and get a review up soon…


Current project is the MG Wing Gundam EW Ver…although its stupidly slow progress as of yet. I got this kit in March, started working on it last month, and have put it off after finishing the upper torso, head, and arms. Been sitting in the box ever since. Will try to get around to it eventually…

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