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Work In Progress – Wing Update

School’s almost over. Y’know what that means? Giving up! I know it’s probably really bad to give up just before the final stretch, but I’m all but done in most of my classes so that means brushing off the remaining little work and recalibrating for ‘pla. Summer is calling my name, and with that call comes the smell of fresh plastic runners and money leaving my wallet at an abnormally fast pace.


I’ve been making extraordinary progress with Wing lately. I expect to have it done within the week. With it, my MG 1/100 Endless Waltz collection shall be complete.


I used to own the Ver. Ka. kit, and I don’t recall the joints being this weak and the kit itself being so backheavy. It can barely stand. To be fair, I’m pretty sure Bandai foresaw this (its also called the Wing Gundam, come on now) so they included a new little connector piece to attach the kit to an action base, something it never had before.

Ground poses are out of the question now though.

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