Transformers Prime Voyager Megatron


After picking up Optimus Prime from the same series, I figured, “hey, I already have the leader of the Autobots, why not buy the leader of the Decepticons and build a collection around them?”

And that is how buying decisions are made.

Megatron 1

I didn’t really take a good look at Megatron before purchasing him; I bought him on the sole grounds that I already have Optimus. To be honest had I actually paid attention and seen how…subpar the figure was in the package, I likely would have skipped on it.


Megatron suffers from the same problems as Prime: lack of show-accuracy. Call me a picky little asshat, but I like my figures high-quality and accurate to their respective series.


I won’t dock this figure for not sporting metal textures and a chrome finish, but the presence of the dark beige (don’t even know what color to call that) around the figure, used for the hands and whatnot is just like…why? Why, Hasbro? Megatron doesn’t have that color on him at all. Would it have killed them to mold those parts in at least black?

To be fair I recognize how invalid my complaints are given the target demographic for these toys, but I can’t help being a picky collector.


Unlike Prime, I didn’t bother repainting or color-correcting to make this Megatron show-accurate.

The sculpt of the figure itself isn’t too bad, though Megatron’s main weapon – his Fusion Cannon (is it still a Fusion Cannon in this continuity?) wasn’t done so well…Hasbro went ahead and made a simple weapon design very convoluted.


The leader of the Decepticons sports fair articulation, despite being somewhat more bulky than his Autobot counterpart. I’m not sure if it’s just mine though, but the joints are extremely weak, and Megatron tends to flop around and fall over a lot…

Another thing to note is that his sword is included in this figure, and comes out from under his cannon just as it does in-show. However, it’s molded in clear purple plastic, and requires a person to hold down the pieces to have it stay out.


He also comes with this funky bronze next-level brass knuckle or something. I’m not even sure what this weapon is, but it sure as heck was never featured in the show. Feels like Hasbro just reached in their behinds, pulled something out, and rolled with it. Guess the usual Fusion Cannon and sword weren’t enough for good ‘ol Megatron.


Megs turns into some crazy silver alien spaceship, just as he does in the Bay Trilogy. It looks rather ridiculous as a toy, and to be fair you don’t even have to line things up properly since it looks like a mess as it is…a panel can be unfolded and you’d still call it fully transformed.


I should point out now that Megs’ cannon does sport a light-up feature just as Prime’s gun once did. It’s a red LED that lights up when the giant purple cake-end is pushed in, and must have constant pressure applied to keep it on (like the sword). Makes taking pictures of these features rather difficult.

Overall I’m just not satisfied or impressed with these new TF Prime toys in the least. While they are a step-up in the right direction from the previous generation, Transformers has yet to really impress me unless it’s either their Masterpieces or just some old toys that I have a soft nostalgia spot for.

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