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Happy New Year – 2014


Welcome 2014. 2013 has gone by far too quickly; one of the quickest years yet. Happy new years to all, hope you all make achievable resolutions.

It’s a very special time for this blog though. As some may recall, Supar Robo was birthed exactly a year ago – at 3AM on January 1st, 2013. In light of the one year anniversary, I’ll be making quite a few changes to the blog, to prepare for a fresh annual start.

Honestly, making it to one year at all is an incredible milestone. I like to think the place has been kept fairly updated and lively; while not quite well-known yet, there’s still a long road ahead. I remember thinking when I made this place, “it’ll become a dead ghost-town in a week.” But nope, I somehow managed to keep it going. Quite proud of that.

Site Stats

The site’s stats for 2013. Not bad, I think. It’s grown proportionally, which is always a good sign – better than having it perpetually dead in the water at like 3 views per month. That big spurt in July is due to the Anime Expo posts, which generated a lot of traffic.

Comments are a bit lacking, sadly. But I have high hopes for the future, along with site views. With any luck this place will only grow, not diminish and wither away.

A lot has happened in the past year. Too much for me to go over in one post, obviously. So I won’t reminiscence about the past or dwell on past glories or failures. It is a new year after all.

So about those changes I promised and mentioned above…


As many regulars surely have noticed, I went ahead and overhauled the blog theme and layout. Well, maybe not so much the layout. It’s still relatively the same, just a slightly different look.

This new theme is still tentative; I’m personally still sort of iffy on it, but I figure a change for the year is needed. If I’m still not feeling it by a week later, expect it to either revert to the old theme or change up again. I don’t think the new design of the site will be finalized until the end of January.

I picked up WordPress’ perk package as my personal New Years gift to myself. From now on the site will have:

  • No more ads (though I didn’t think this was a huge problem anyways
  • 10GB more storage space, which means no skimping on the images!
  • Ability to put video and audio files onto the site – not sure how I’m gonna use that yet.
  • Registered domain as http://www.suparrobo.com

The last one’s big for me. I never liked having the “.wordpress.com” tacked onto the end of the site address, but it couldn’t be helped. I figure after a year’s worth of time on the web, it would be an appropriate time to register the domain.

There are naturally still kinks to be worked out with the system, including a scary warning message I got from WordPress saying my domain name is somehow messed up and may make my site unacceptable…but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, hmm? Either way, I’m extremely proud of the accomplishment of the New Year – keeping this place alive.

Thanks to everyone who visits and follows the site – you guys keep this place alive.

That sounded like an extraordinarily long ramble. But it’s 3:30AM on New Years day and I need to sleep. Everything comes full circle though, what an achievement.

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